Road Force Balancing: What You Need to Know

Road Force Balancing: What You Need to Know | Outlander Motorsports in Martinez, CA. Close up view of a Hunter Road Force Balancer.

For most drivers, smooth, controlled on-road performance is the goal. Now, if you venture off the well-beaten path for off-roading in Martinez, CA, smoothness becomes less of a True North. 

In any case, properly balanced tires can help you enjoy a better ride. But if you’re still experiencing vibration after having your tires balanced, you may need to explore the benefits of road force balancing with Outlander Motorsports. 

Let’s take a closer look at road force balancing and the benefits of this innovative maintenance service.

Tire Balancing vs. Road Force Balancing

In tire or wheel balancing, weights are added to distribute the weight of the wheel and tire assembly. This is done to lessen vibrations and prevent unevenly worn tires. 

While helpful, tire balancing suffers two shortcomings:

  • Standard balancing works well for older tires but is not ideal for newer tires due to shorter sidewalls (low distance between the rim and the tread). 
  • Standard wheel balancers can take measurements of the wheel. But they can’t measure the force a spinning wheel throws off. 
  • Standard wheel balancers don’t factor the effect of a vehicle’s weight on a spinning tire.


Road force balancing is like standard balancing but more. Road force balancers trump traditional balancers as they can measure the force thrown off by a spinning wheel. They can also simulate a wheel’s behavior while spinning and under the vehicle’s weight. 

In short, road force balancing is a more technical and sophisticated method of mount matching. 

How is Road Force Balancing Performed?

The procedure uses a computerized machine called the road force balance machine. This equipment uses several sensors to determine variations in tire stiffness, radial runout, and everything else that may prevent the tire assembly from smoothly rolling under the tire’s weight. 

When measuring the wheel and tire assembly, the machine alerts the mechanic to inconsistencies. It will also guide the mechanic on properly maneuvering the tire around the wheel. Adjustments are made until the wheel’s low spot matches the tire’s high spot. 

After discovering the source of the problem, technicians can use several different repairs to achieve the ideal balance. Solutions to these inconsistencies may include:

  • Remounting the tire to find a better match
  • Adding weights to wheels (the tire balancing part)
  • Bead massaging to achieve a better rim and tire fit.


Benefits of Road Force Balancing

A few benefits of road force balancing include the following:

  • Road force balancing is a relatively quick troubleshooting solution. This means you can get in, out, and on your way.
  • It can help improve performance. This is especially true if you’re installing new tires for on-road driving or off-roading. 
  • It can help ensure you enjoy the same comfort level typically only available through OEM tires. 
  • It solves wheel vibration caused by tire and rim runout and wheel-mounting errors. It can help you achieve a smoother ride, even if you go off-roading.
  • It can quickly identify pull or drift problems. This can help improve the safety and performance of your vehicle.


Custom Wheels and Road Force Balancing

Today’s vehicles out of a factory come equipped with massive wheels. For many drivers, these stock wheels still aren’t big or rugged enough. Fortunately, adding larger, custom wheels is easy. 

There’s a caveat. When you add bigger wheels, they will have shorter sidewalls (the same property found in newer tires). These wheels can be more sensitive to road force vibration. Scheduling road force balancing can help alleviate these issues.

Want to Know More About Road Force Balancing?

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